Tree location

Tree location

First, choose a section of the forest that speaks to you.

Maplewood Ridge

13 tree species
1 Featured Location
  • Easily reach this section, yet feel deep in the woods – with the best mountain views
  • Enjoy a diverse mix of trees, including some of the tallest and oldest sugar maples
  • Spot abundant wildlife like deer, bears, foxes and more, along with vibrant blooms in spring

Blueberry Wilds

15 tree species
1 Featured Location
  • Hike an easy path into lush forest – with meadow views and a historic barn a short walk away
  • See wild blueberries pop up in late spring, along with mushrooms, ferns and blooming laurels
  • Spot bustling wildlife like wild turkeys, squirrels, chipmunks and songbirds
1 Black Cherry
7 White Pine
9 Red Maple
9 Red Oak
11 Black Birch
14 Sugar Maple
20 Hemlock
0 Beech
0 Yellow Birch
0 Paper Birch
0 Red Spruce
0 Striped Maple
0 Serviceberry
0 White Ash
0 Basswood

Mystic Glen

9 tree species
  • Easily access this section, while still being deep in the forest with a sense of privacy
  • Enjoy quiet serenity under the lush spring and summer canopy
  • Walk among mossy boulders that add a mystical feel to the tranquility
1 Bigtooth Aspen
5 Red Maple
6 Paper Birch
6 Red Oak
10 Black Birch
15 Hemlock
0 Black Cherry
0 Beech
0 White Ash