Berkshires, MA Memorial Forest
200 acres of mountain beauty in Berkshire County, just 30 minutes east of Williamstown.
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What you’ll love about the Berkshires

forest highlights
flora & fauna

forest highlights

What makes this forest special

Set in an area rich with history, culture, and natural beauty, this forest features wide open meadows looking over the forested hills of Vermont to the north and into the heart of the Berkshires to the south. It’s home to a variety of native tree species, including eastern hemlocks, yellow birch, red spruce, red maples, and sugar maples. A historic barn built in the 1860s and a sugar shack once used for small-batch syrup production sit on the edge of the meadows.

When you purchase a memorial tree in the Berkshires, you contribute to the protection of forestland and wildlife habitat that your loved ones can enjoy – now and for years to come.

flora & fauna

What you’re protecting

Better Place Forests Berkshires is a critical piece of a contiguous, undeveloped stretch of land that provides rich habitat for a wide variety of wildlife. The forest is also home to large healthy stands of eastern hemlock, a “near threatened” species on the federal watch list.

Part of our work involves removing invasive species, thinning and pruning so older trees can thrive, and restoring the land to its natural state.

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Book a forest tour online or in person to discover the beauty of the Berkshires.

Location and directions

Visiting hours

Nov–Mar: Thurs–Mon at 10a & 1p
Apr–Oct: Thurs–Mon at 10a, 12:30p, & 2:30p
Appointments available


333 S County Rd, Drury, MA 01343

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Springfield, MA

Worcester, MA

Boston, MA

Hartford, CT

Albany, NY

Explore the forest's sections

Choose an area based on your preferences: access to trails, special views, or natural features.

Join thousands choosing to leave the earth, better
Former property owner and customer Dwight shares what’s special about Better Place Forests.
Watch Dwight’s story
The Berkshires, MA
Watch Dwight’s story
The Berkshires, MA
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Can I visit the Berkshires memorial forest?
Yes! We’d love to host you and your loved ones in the forest. Book a tour to experience the Berkshires, meet our team, and enjoy the forest. You can also reach us by phone at 877-830-8311, or email at [email protected]
Where is Better Place Forests Berkshires located?
Better Place Forests Berkshires is located at 333 S County Rd, Drury, MA 01343. Our Berkshires location is about 120 miles from Boston, or a roughly three hour drive. For more information, visit our Driving Directions to Better Place Forests Berkshires.
Is there a funeral alternative in Massachusetts?
Yes — Better Place Forests in the Berkshires is a natural alternative to traditional funerals in Massachusetts. With Better Place Forests, you can choose a memorial tree instead of a tombstone as a lasting, living memorial that helps protect forestland and local habitats. To learn more, book an online or in-person forest tour today.
How does Better Place Forests work?
Better Place Forests offers a natural alternative to cemeteries for those who choose cremation. When you choose a memorial tree, you help protect it and the entire forest for years to come. Our team will help you plan a forest memorial to create an experience that’s right for you, and the ashes of loved ones and pets can join your tree in the future if you choose. When the time comes, ashes are mixed with local soil and placed at the base of your tree, becoming part of the forest.

To choose your tree, you can book an online forest tour with one of our advisors. For more information, visit How Better Place Forests Works.