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Forest Memorial Services

After purchasing a Memorial Tree, add Memorial Services and markers to honor loved ones and pets.

Forest Memorials

Our Forest Guides partner with your loved ones to personalize readings, traditions, and special requests to create your Forest Memorial. Ashes are combined with soil and placed at the base of your tree, rejoining the cycle of life.

2023 Forest Memorial Pricing


for unattended spreading (no guests)


for up to 10 guests


for 11 to 20 guests


for 21 to 30 guests


for 31 or more guests

Memorial Markers

A custom inscribed marker anchored near the base of your tree, marking your place in the forest. You can purchase memorial markers for people and pets.


Memorial Marker
(max of 4 per tree)
Some limitations based on tree size.

Pet Tributes

Included with your $300 pet spreading, pet tributes honor our furry family members. Our Forest Guides will partner with you to honor your pet.


for up to 10 guests


pet laid to rest during a Forest Memorial

The Fine Print of
End of Life Services

End-of-life services are highly regulated to protect consumers.

You can purchase a Memorial Tree and the rights to spread people and pets at any time.

In order to protect you, memorial services listed on this page can only be purchased when you’re ready to have a Forest Memorial. We want you to know these costs so you can plan for the future.

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Commonly asked questions

Why can’t I pay for everything at once?

We follow end-of-life consumer protection regulations, which prevent a company from collecting funds until goods and services are used, unless its via insurance. At this time, Better Place Forests does not offer a way to set aside funds, and therefore we only charge customers when a memorial is scheduled or a marker is ordered.

What if I just want my ashes sent to my tree, but not have a Forest Memorial?

We will honor your wishes. Your loved ones can coordinate with our Forest Guides to have ashes placed at your tree. They will share a photo (including a marker if you choose to have one). There is a small fee ($100) for this option.

Can I have one Forest Memorial and spread the ashes of multiple people/pets?

Yes, it is possible to have a Forest Memorial that honors multiple people/pets. We require you to purchase a spreading right for each person and pet who will be spread at your tree.

I want to have a huge Forest Memorial. Can you make that happen?

If you want to have an extra large celebration of life, we encourage you to consider hosting a separate, larger event, and then having a more intimate Forest Memorial. Our forests have limited parking and staff. Talk to our guides and we’ll discuss all of the available options.

What will memorial prices be in the future?

We can’t predict what the future will hold, but you can use 2023’s memorial pricing as an estimate for future costs. We will change memorial prices as needed on an annual basis to account for economic changes like inflation.

Plan your Forest Memorial
with a Guide

Our Guides are here to help ease the burden of planning your memorial.