February Special: 2 for 1 spreadings included with tree purchase

Choose a tree instead
of a tombstone

Spread ashes around
your own Memorial Tree
in a protected forest.

A natural alternative to cemeteries

Our protected forests are home to Memorial Trees. A Memorial Tree is an established, growing tree that serves as a resting place for cremated remains. Ashes are mixed with soil and spread at the base of the tree, becoming forever part of the forest.

Why people choose Better Place Forests

Forever a part of the forest

Elements from your ashes become a part of your Memorial Tree and the wider forest ecosystem.

A memorial for nature lovers

By choosing a Memorial Tree, you help protect these forests for future generations to visit and enjoy.

Better Place Forest

A healing experience

Forest Memorials are intimate gatherings where ashes are mixed with soil and placed at the base of your tree.

Why having a place matters

Visiting the forest is a powerful way for people to connect – both with each other and the memories of the ones they love.

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Return to nature with a Forest Memorial

If you’re ready to start planning a Forest Memorial, our team is here to guide you every step of the way. From tree selection to marker inscriptions, they are here to support you.

Real stories from our Forests

What came as a wonderful surprise is the reverence the staff added to our Forest Memorial. They guided us through returning our loved one to the earth . 

Chris B. Lake Arrowhead Forest, Califorina

The process of selecting a tree was deeply spiritual . I am a tree-hugging conservationist and Better Place Forests is exactly what I had in mind for my ashes.

Patricia D. Point Arena Forest, California

This is a thoughtful, environmentally smart approach to end-of-life. I appreciate that my children will have a place other than a cemetery to visit.

Francine S. Santa Cruz Forest, California

Better Place Forests is the perfect place for us. The idea of being out in nature under our tree gives us such a feeling of peace.

Joy B. Yosemite Gateway Forest, California

I think having a tree, having a place out in nature is so different.  Instead of showing my son a plot in a cemetery I can show him a tree. It’s a chance to teach him about renewal and that life carries on.

Sarah B. Flagstaff Forest, Arizona

Mother Teresa said, "Peace begins with a smile." My wild black cherry tree in the Rock River Forest brings a smile and a sense of peace, instead of angst.

Judith L. Rock River Forest, Illinois

Picking out a tree, a symbol of family and strength, felt right. My parent's tree is more than a place to visit, it’s a symbolic reminder of our connection.

Michelle C. St. Croix Valley Forest, Minnesota

I have spent many days walking in the forest. When you listen to the birds, the wind, the rustling of leaves… it’s a monumental, picturesque experience.

Dwight and Renate B. Berkshires Forest, Massachusetts

There’s something very magical about picking out your tree and knowing that you’ll become a part of that ecosystem.  In a way, you’ll live on in the future.

Susan K, Litchfield Hills Forest, Connecticut

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