Leave a legacy worth sharing

Make a tree your memorial

Introducing a natural alternative to traditional cemeteries

Create a family memorial surrounded by natural beauty. Spread ashes beneath a personal, permanently protected memorial tree.

Bark Forest sky

Find your forest

Dramatic bluffs, seaside meadows, and ancient groves await. Discover our first location, the 20-acre Point Arena Forest in northern California. Explore Point Arena Forest

Melody Mason

“ It’s so great to be part of a larger, sustainable effort to save a forest. ”

- Melody Mason

Choose your tree

Take your pick of giant redwoods, mossy tanoaks, reverent firs, and more. Find the tree that fits your personality.

Explore Trees
Pacia Dewald

“ The process of selecting a tree was deeply spiritual as well as fun. ”

- Pacia Dewald

Moss on tree
Tree rings