Urn Display at Funeral

15 Creative Urn Display at Funeral Ideas in 2023

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Urn display at funeral

Are you seeking inspiration to create an urn display that not only honors your loved one but also reflects their unique life story? The challenge can be daunting as you aim to capture the essence of their journey and the profound impact of their absence.

Faced with decisions about choosing a simple or elaborate setup or to follow tradition versus creating something unconventional, it’s essential to find a display that resonates with the individuality of the person you’re remembering. These choices are deeply personal, as the urn display will become the focal point for those gathered to mourn and celebrate the life that was.

In this article, we’ll explore how to select the right elements for an urn display that are true to the spirit of your loved one. Whether you’re inclined towards the familiarity of tradition or are seeking to forge a distinctive memorial, we offer guidance, ideas, and reassurance to support you through this process.

The Importance of Urn Displays in Funeral Services

An urn display at a funeral does more than hold the remains of a loved one; it serves as a profound emblem of their existence and the impact of their departure. Let’s understand the essence of urn displays at funerals in more detail:

  • A Symbol of Presence: The urn provides a poignant focus for the service, a point around which friends and family can center their thoughts and emotions. It offers a place for eyes to linger, for hands to touch, and for the presence of the departed to be felt once more.

  • A Storyteller of Life: Beyond its role as a container, the urn and its presentation recount the narrative of the person it honors. The selection of the urn, the choice of flowers or mementos, and the arrangement of photographs are chapters in a story that unfolds for all to see and remember.

  • A Vessel for Emotion: The urn display becomes a shared space for the expression of grief and the celebration of life. It is here that the community can express their sorrow, find shared comfort, and perhaps a sense of closure as they reflect on the significance of the life that has passed.

  • A Cultural and Personal Statement: The manner in which the urn is displayed can reflect the deceased’s cultural heritage, religious beliefs, or personal values. It can conform to traditional practices or redefine them, serving as a testament to the individual’s way of life and philosophy.

  • A Continuation of Legacy: The display of the urn is also an opportunity to honor the legacy of the deceased to ensure that the values they lived by and the love they shared continue to inspire even in their physical absence.

Types of Urns Suitable for Display

Types of Urns Suitable for Display

Selecting a suitable urn is a pivotal decision in planning a funeral service. The urn not only contains the remains of your loved one but also stands as a central piece of the ceremony. Here, we explore a variety of urn types that cater to different display preferences and themes.

Traditional Urn Display Ideas

  1. Classic Elegance: A high-gloss, jet-black marble urn can be the centerpiece on a white linen-draped table. Accentuate with a classic floral arrangement, such as a ring of white orchids, which symbolize eternal love. This setup can be reminiscent of the timeless memorials seen in historical mausoleums.

  2. Wooden Serenity: A hand-carved urn made from cherry wood, with its rich, warm tones, can be placed on a simple wooden pedestal. Surround it with a circle of ivy or ferns to bring a serene nature indoors, evoking the calm of forest clearings.

  3. Ceramic Sophistication: A ceramic urn with a delicate blue and white porcelain design can be displayed inside a clear glass cabinet. Soft lighting from above can cast a gentle glow, highlighting the urn’s craftsmanship, similar to how precious artifacts are presented in a museum.

  4. Bronze Tradition: A cast bronze urn featuring bas-relief scenes from the loved one’s life or interests can be set on a velvet-covered plinth. Tall, tapered candles on either side can create a reverent atmosphere akin to the solemn ambiance of an old-world chapel.

  5. Glass and Light: An urn made from hand-blown glass with swirls of color can be placed in a sunlit window or under a skylight. The natural light passing through the glass can create a dynamic interplay of light and color, reminiscent of stained glass windows in a cathedral.

Personalized and Thematic Display Concepts

  1. Hobbies and Passions: For an avid musician, an urn in the shape of a classical guitar, set on a stage-like platform with a spotlight, can be surrounded by the deceased’s own instruments or sheet music, creating a personal concert in their honor.

  2. Nature Lover’s Retreat: An urn with a textured surface that mimics natural stone can be the centerpiece in a tableau of potted plants, such as ferns and succulents, to recreate the feeling of a peaceful garden, reflecting the deceased’s love for gardening or the outdoors.

  3. Traveler’s Trove: An urn designed to resemble an antique leather-bound trunk can be displayed on an old-world map tablecloth, with vintage travel posters and postcards from the loved one’s favorite destinations, offering a glimpse into their wanderlust.

  4. Artistic Tribute: An artist’s palette-shaped urn can be showcased alongside a selection of their artwork. Set up an easel with their final piece or a collection of their works on gallery walls, inviting attendees to appreciate the creative legacy left behind.

  5. Literary Homage: A book-shaped urn can be nestled in a bookcase built into the service space or a vintage reading nook, surrounded by the deceased’s favorite novels and literary works, turning the space into a reflective library of their intellect and passions.

Eco-Friendly and Natural Display Options

  1. Biodegradable Beauty: A simple urn made from compressed sand or salt can be adorned with a crown of wildflowers and set upon a natural wood slice. This display can be set up outdoors or with a backdrop of a forest scene, emphasizing the cycle of life and nature.

  2. Living Memorial: A biodegradable urn that incorporates a seedling or seeds for a tree can be presented with a photo collage of the loved one in their favorite natural setting. This symbolizes the new life that will grow from the memorial, continuing their legacy.

  3. Stone and Resilience: A rugged, hand-carved stone urn can be placed within a Zen garden setup complete with raked sand and smooth river stones, creating a meditative space that reflects the enduring strength and grounded nature of the loved one.

  4. Sea Farewell: A sea salt urn designed to dissolve in water can be displayed on a bed of natural sand surrounded by seashells and driftwood. This setup can be accompanied by a soundscape of ocean waves, bringing the sea’s tranquility to the service.

  5. Organic Textures: An urn woven from seagrass or other sustainable materials can be placed in a rustic setting on a burlap cloth surrounded by arrangements of dried lavender and wildflowers, evoking the simplicity and warmth of country living.

Planning the Display: Considerations and Steps

Planning the Urn Display

When planning an urn display for a funeral service, each decision contributes to creating a space that honors the deceased and facilitates a meaningful experience for the mourners. Here’s a detailed approach to ensure the display is thoughtfully prepared and respectful:

Understanding the Venue

  1. Space Layout: Visit the venue well in advance to understand its ambiance and layout. Take note of the dimensions of the area designated for the urn display, ensuring ample space for additional elements such as flowers, photographs, or keepsakes. Consider the line of sight from various seating positions and the entry point to ensure all attendees have an unobstructed view of the urn.

  2. Focal Points: Identify architectural features or furniture within the venue that naturally draw attention. A grand piano, a large fireplace, or an elegant podium can be ideal locations for the urn. The chosen spot should feel integrated into the space, allowing the urn to stand out without feeling out of place.

  3. Accessibility: The urn display should be easily approachable for those who wish to pay their respects up close. However, it should not be in a high-traffic area where it might be bumped or disturbed. Consider creating a clear path to the display, marked by ropes or floral arrangements, to guide attendees.

Reflecting the Deceased’s Wishes

  1. Pre-arrangements: If the deceased had made specific requests for their funeral service, these should be your guiding principles. This might include the type of urn, the color scheme for the display, or even the music to be played in the background. Respecting these wishes is paramount in creating a display that reflects the person’s desires.

  2. Personal Artifacts: Choose items that had significant sentimental value to the deceased. This could be a favorite watch, a cherished piece of jewelry, or a handwritten letter. Display these items carefully, perhaps on a separate table draped in a fabric that complements the urn or within protective glass cases.

  3. Theme Consistency: Ensure that any theme chosen is evident throughout the display. If the deceased loved the sea, for instance, use shades of blue and green, sand textures, and seashells to unify the display elements. Consistency helps in creating a cohesive and immersive experience.

Coordinating with Funeral Services

  1. Timing: Discuss with the funeral director the best time to set up the urn display. It should be completed before guests arrive to maintain a calm and organized atmosphere. Also, consider the timing for removing the display, ensuring it’s done respectfully and discreetly.

  2. Service Flow: The urn display should complement the service’s progression. For example, if there’s a moment of silence planned, ensure the urn is centrally located and visible to all to serve as the focal point.

  3. Professional Assistance: Funeral directors and event planners can provide invaluable assistance. They can suggest the best practices for setting up the display and may offer services that include the safe handling and positioning of the urn.

Technical and Practical Aspects

  1. Stability and Safety: The platform or table holding the urn must be stable and level. Use non-slip materials under the urn, and if necessary, secure it to the base to prevent any movement. For outdoor displays, consider wind-proofing elements or securing them in place.

  2. Weather Considerations: For outdoor services, have a contingency plan for inclement weather. This may include having a canopy to protect the urn from rain or umbrellas for shade from the sun. Always have a backup plan to move the display indoors if necessary.

  3. Transportation: Plan for the urn’s transportation with care. If the urn is heavy, ensure you have the necessary support to move it. For fragile urns, use padded carriers or boxes for transport, and drive carefully to avoid jarring movements.

Emotional Considerations

  1. Inclusivity: Consider ways to involve attendees in the display. This could be through a memory book beside the urn where guests can write their messages or a photo board where they can pin pictures and notes.

  2. Children’s Engagement: Include elements in the display that can help children process the event, like a small craft table to make cards for the deceased. This can be a therapeutic activity and helps them feel included in the ceremony.

  3. Healing Atmosphere: The overall atmosphere should be one of comfort and solace. Soft instrumental music can be played in the background, and the lighting should be gentle, with a few strategically placed spotlights to highlight the urn and personal artifacts.

Parting Thoughts

As we reach the end of our journey through the tender process of honoring a loved one with an urn display, we are reminded of the delicate balance between celebrating a unique life and embracing the natural passage into the tranquility of eternity. Each choice in creating an urn display, from the selection of the urn to the arrangement of personal mementos, is a step towards crafting a legacy as enduring as the forests that witness the passage of time.

In the quiet corners of our hearts, where the echoes of our loved one’s laughter still resonate, we seek a memorial that is both a sanctuary and a testament to their story. It is here that Better Place Forests steps in, offering a living tribute within the serene embrace of nature. 

Imagine an urn nestled among towering trees, where every whisper of the wind through the leaves is a calm recollection of past joys and shared moments. By choosing a resting place in a protected forest, you are not only creating a permanent, living memorial but also contributing to the preservation of these majestic spaces for generations to come. 


How do you display a funeral urn?

A funeral urn can be displayed on a sturdy table or pedestal, often draped with elegant fabric. It’s typically adorned with meaningful items such as photographs, flowers, or personal mementos that reflect the life and interests of the departed. The display should be in a prominent but secure location where attendees can view and approach it without obstruction.

What is the proper placement of an urn?

The proper placement of an urn during a funeral service is typically at the front of the room, serving as a focal point for the ceremony. It should be easily visible to all attendees, often elevated on a table or stand. The placement should respect any cultural or religious practices and reflect the wishes of the deceased or their family.

Is it bad feng shui to keep ashes in the house?

In feng shui, keeping ashes in the house is generally discouraged as it may symbolize stagnant energy and hinder the emotional process of moving forward. However, if it brings comfort, it’s essential to place the urn in a respectful, quiet area such as a home altar, ensuring it’s not in direct line with the main door or a busy part of the home.

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