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Choose a Tree, Not a Tombstone

Spread cremated ashes at your own Memorial Tree in a protected Northern California forest. Celebrate life and return to the earth with our natural, affordable alternative to cemeteries.

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A Final Resting Place in the Beauty of the Forest

Instead of a tombstone, a Memorial Tree is a protected place to return ashes to the earth. A custom inscribed Memorial Marker and an intimate in forest ceremony honor life.

A Celebration, Not a Funeral

Choose the natural way to return ashes to the earth

A couple and their dog chooses their Memorial Tree in Better Place Forests Yosemite Gateway.

Choose your tree

Explore our protected forests online or in-person and choose your tree with the help of a Guide.

A Forest Guide explains how to spread ashes around a Memorial Tree

Plan your Forest Memorial

Create a memorial that feels authentic to you. Plan readings, music, and more with the help of our Guides.

A family gathers for a Forest Memorial, returning their loved one to the earth.

Spread your ashes

Ashes are mixed with local soil and returned to the base of your tree, becoming a part of the life of the forest.

A family picnics in the meadow of the Memorial Forest.

Enjoy your forest

You and your loved ones have ongoing access to the forest. Visit as often as you’d like.

Get a fresh perspective on natural end-of-life planning.

Bird's eye view of Point Arena Memorial Forest


Point Arena

40-acres of redwood forest with rhododendron blooms and views of the Mendocino coast.

Trees start at


Bird's eye view of the Santa Cruz Memorial Forest


Santa Cruz

84-acres of redwood forest nestled in the heart of the Santa Cruz mountains.

Trees start at


Bird's eye view of the Yosemite Gateway Memorial Forest


Yosemite Gateway

172-acres of majestic mountain meadows, just 30 miles from the National Park.

Trees start at


“Visiting Mom and Dad’s stone, I always have the sense that their lives were so much bigger than this. The rows of headstones make me reflect on death, and not life.

Better Place Forests is different. It’s a joyous place filled with color and sound. My tree feels just right.”

Pat W.
Berkshires Memorial Forest, Massachusetts

A customer holds her two dogs and smiles at her Memorial Tree in Better Place Forests Berkshires.

An Eco-Friendly Alternative to Cemeteries

When you choose a Memorial Tree, we plant up to 500 saplings in areas impacted by deforestation or forest fires.

Ashes are mixed with local soil so they can join and support the forest ecosystem.

Unlike traditional cemeteries, we don’t use any harmful substances or embalming chemicals.

Every Memorial Tree Includes

A family reflects at the base of their Memorial Tree.

Your choice of tree in a protected forest

A couple and their dog connect in the Memorial Forest at Better Place Forests Yosemite Gateway.

Rights to add people and pets in the future

A couple tours the Memorial Forest with a Forest Guide in Yosemite Gateway, California.

Ongoing access to the forest

A sapling grows on the forest floor.

Saplings planted in your honor

Your Memorial Tree helps preserve and protect a beautiful forest that your family can visit for generations to come. 

Better Place Forests vs. traditional cemeteries

Creating the perfect memorial can be beautiful and affordable. Our average cost of a resting place, ceremony, and marker is lower than the cost of traditional cemeteries.
A couple connects in the Memorial Forest, with their pet dog laying at their feet.



The headstones and tributes in a traditional cemetery.



“Having our tree has given me a gift. It’s as if Matt wanted me to have this special place to visit.”

Kim A.
Point Arena Memorial Forest, California

Memorial Trees start at $5,900

Payment Plans are Available


Find Your Forever in the Forest

What came as a wonderful surprise is the reverence the staff added to our Forest Memorial. They guided us through returning our loved one to the earth . 

Chris B. Lake Arrowhead Forest, Califorina

I am so happy I made the arrangements I did with Better Place Forests . What a lovely way and place for my family to one day remember me.

Sue G. Lake Arrowhead Forest, California

I have great peace knowing that wherever I travel in this life, the roads will safely return me here to the Lake Arrowhead Forest and my beloved CA.  I’ll forever dance on top of the mountain.

Christine G. Lake Arrowhead Forest, California

What a sense of relief and happiness! To find the perfect resting place for my beloved. I am grateful to Better Place Forests for the opportunity to have this be a living memorial to Lisa.

Chris O. Lake Arrowhead Forest, California

The process of selecting a tree was deeply spiritual . I am a tree-hugging conservationist and Better Place Forests is exactly what I had in mind for my ashes. We left knowing she will be cared for.

Patricia D. Point Arena Forest, California

What I like about Better Place Forests is that since the placing of my family’s ashes, I know of people who have gone to visit a living, vibrant forest. 

Lea G. Point Arena Forest, California

Thank you so much for everything you and the team have done for my mom, sister and I. You made something so painful into a beautiful, peaceful memory.

Sophia T. Point Arena Forest, California

Trees embody vitality and wisdom. I want my ashes mingled with that miraculous joy.  When my great granddaughter grows up, she can come to Better Place Forests, hug Tall Red, listen to the forest sing and smile.

Frannielee L. Santa Cruz Forest, California

Redwoods are the strongest tree—they represent a stableness and a security that I feel represents us.

Kathy P. & Joey O. Santa Cruz Forest, California

This is a thoughtful, environmentally smart approach to end-of-life. I appreciate that my children will have a place other than a cemetery to visit.

Francine S. Santa Cruz Forest, California

When I found out that Better Place Forests has a site just outside Yosemite, I knew it was perfect for us. Every time we visit, we are struck by the peace and serenity. 

Rose S. Yosemite Gateway Forest, California

Better Place Forests is the perfect place for us. The idea of being out in nature under our tree gives us such a feeling of peace.

Joy B. Yosemite Gateway Forest, California

The forest helps ease grief. When I found my tree, it felt as if I was found. My name is now forever associated with the forest.

Silvana B. Yosemite Gateway Forest, California

It brings me peace to know you’ll be there with the wildlife you love and your feet and the sun shining down on you every day to give you strength and comfort.

Dustin P. Flagstaff Forest, Arizona

I think having a tree, having a place out in nature is so different.  Instead of showing my son a plot in a cemetery I can show him a tree. It’s a chance to teach him about renewal and that life carries on.

Sarah B. Flagstaff Forest, Arizona

For years I worried about where my final resting place would be. I don't like graveyards. I love the beauty and sounds and smells of nature. I didn't want to end up polluting the earth or ocean.

Diane M Flagstaff Forest, Arizona

Mother Teresa said, "Peace begins with a smile." My wild black cherry tree in the Rock River Forest brings a smile and a sense of peace, instead of angst.

Judith L. Rock River Forest, Illinois

It's our hope that those we leave behind will find peace, comfort, and a place to cherish good memories at our tree overlooking the Rock River.

Nancy B. Rock River Forest, Illinois

I had been looking for the right place for my husband's ashes for 5 years when I learned about Better Place Forests.

Julie S. Rock River Forest, Illinois

Better Place Forests was an easy choice for us. The concept resonates within my soul. 

Mary S. Rock River Forest, Illinois

We both have spent hours walking in different forests, taking in the sights, smells, and sounds. Woodlands are a place of restoration for us.

Laura D. St. Croix Valley Forest, Minnesota

Picking out a tree, a symbol of family and strength, felt right. My parent's tree is more than a place to visit, it’s a symbolic reminder of our connection.

Michelle C. St. Croix Valley Forest, Minnesota

Doug’s memorial was as he would have wanted it. It will be so much easier to remember the joys and happy times when we visit a living forest.

Mary T. St. Croix Valley Forest, Minnesota

I can't imagine anyone who feels the way I feel about their animals wouldn't want to make the same arrangements.

Diane B. Berkshires Forest, Massachusetts

I have spent many days walking in the forest. When you listen to the birds, the wind, the rustling of leaves… it’s a monumental, picturesque experience.

Dwight and Renate B. Berkshires Forest, Massachusetts

My experience with Better Place Forests over all during what has been a difficult emotional time for me and my family has been a real lift for me.

Lynn T. Berkshires Forest, Massachusetts

We love our forest and our tree!

Ann B. Litchfield Hills Forest, Connecticut

There’s something very magical about picking out your tree and knowing that you’ll become a part of that ecosystem.  In a way, you’ll live on in the future.

Susan K, Litchfield Hills Forest, Connecticut

Return to the earth and become a part of the greater forest ecosystem. Talk to a Guide to learn more. 

David returns his mother's ashes to the earth at Better Place Forests Point Arena location.

“The fact that I have a sacred forest to return to (which represents one of mom’s dear desires) is a special gift.
Her Forest Memorial will live inside me as a cherished memory. Thank you dearly, Better Place Forests Team.”

David J.
Point Arena Memorial Forest, California

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