We're passionate about helping families everywhere create beautiful and meaningful memorials. See what some of our customers are saying.

This was an amazing experience, beautiful forest and the best guide ever. We selected a beautiful redwood that we love!

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Melaine Carlascio-Budd

This is the perfect alternative for helping the earth in my own death. Win, win!!

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Debbie Levine

I am so thrilled to know that my eternity will be spent in such a peaceful and natural setting. And I couldn’t be happier knowing that I am helping to preserve a part of the coastal ecosystem!

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Barbara Bessemer

What an amazing experience and opportunity! We will definitely recommend you to friends and family!

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Holly Millener

Our experience was amazing It was a nice to walk around the forest and know we will eventually be part of this earth.

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Josefina Manzo

I feel such a peace knowing I selected this final resting place for our family. I will for ever be a tree hugger.

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Marjorie Wolosz

Magnificent and very moving experience!

Miryana Colton

Great experience. Accommodating with kind individualized attention.

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Geetal & Daniel Beugelmans

Terri's and Alethea's enthusiasm for the forest and trees was infectious. They were not only knowledgeable and professional, but also compassionate and caring. The process of selecting a tree was deeply spiritual as well as fun. I am a tree-hugging conservationist and Better Place Forests is exactly what I had in mind whenever I contemplated the disposition of my ashes. The ability to spread my pets' ashes in advance of my own gives me a real sense of connection with my tree and the whole forest, the whole earth really!

Pacia Dewald

After visiting Better Places and taking an hour tour of the forest with the wonderful people there, I made up my mind that the forest will be a place for me and my family. I have always put off planning and never considered it to be fun, on the contrary, I figured it would make me feel uneasy at best. I was so wrong. It was actually fun! The staff was very upbeat, we took wonderful pictures, and there was no pressure at all, either way.

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Lawrence Walters

It’s so great to be part of a larger, sustainable effort to save a forest with this personal gift.

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Melody Mason

We had a wonderful tour, and Terri was so patient and helpful. We picked a lovely tree in a perfect spot.

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Amy Shockley

So grateful to find a peaceful spot for my family. Looking forward to many visits.

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Stephanie Ugrin

Wonderful location for a great cause. I am so happy to be a part of this.

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Stacy Lopez