Pricing is based on your tree's size, species, and the number of family members you choose to include.


Up to 70’ tall

Rising towards the sunlight, our Young trees are quickly headed for the canopy.

Starting at $2,900

includes 1 spreading
25 trees planted


Up to 120’ tall

Our most popular choice, Heritage trees are established, stately members of the forest.

Starting at $5,900

includes 2 spreadings
50 trees planted


Up to 150’ tall

Stunning in every way, Legacy trees are prominent icons that leave a lasting impression.

Starting at $8,900

includes 2 spreadings
200 trees planted


Over 150’ tall

Our largest and most majestic, Monument trees represent the top 10% of our forest.

Starting at $12,900

includes 2 spreadings
400 trees planted

+ $1,500 per additional spreading

We also offer more affordable options. Payment plans are available for all trees.

Contact us for more information.