Yosemite Gateway, California

Coming soon to the foothills of the Sierra Nevada:
majestic mountain meadows, just 30 miles from Yosemite National Park.
Learn how you can become an early supporter.
Coming soon: majestic mountain meadows, just 30 miles from Yosemite National Park. Learn how you can become an early supporter.
Lock in the best price now
Our early supporters receive exclusive discounts and benefits.
20% off your tree
A fully refundable $95 deposit unlocks over $1,000 in savings for most families.
Exclusive access
Be among the first to visit the forest in person and have your name commemorated as a founding member.
First pick of trees
Choose from a large selection of towering pines, majestic oaks, incense cedars, and much more.
Preview the beauty of Yosemite Gateway
Get a glimpse of early spring in this peaceful, wildflower oasis.
Frequently Asked Questions
Where is the Yosemite Gateway forest located?
Our newest forest is located just 30 miles from the Big Oak Flat entrance of Yosemite National Park. It’s an easy drive from Central Valley, the Bay Area, and Southern California.

This 170-acre forest features giant pines and ancient black oaks surrounding two woodland meadows.
How much does a memorial tree cost?
We offer a range of prices for any budget. Pricing starts at $4,900 – less than half the cost of a traditional burial – and is based on several factors, including: location, setting (views, water features, etc.), tree type and size, and the number of spreading rights. In contrast, the average traditional burial, plot, and headstone costs around $15,000 per person.
When will the Yosemite Gateway forest be open for tours and ceremonies?
We will be opening online forest tours in summer 2021. Early supporters will be given advanced access to in-person tours in the fall of 2021. We're targeting 2022 to open the forest for ceremonies.
What tree species are in the forest?
You can choose from a variety of beloved native tree species, including: towering ponderosa pines, giant black oaks, sugar pines, and incense cedars.
How is Better Place Forests supporting the local community?
We focus on building strong relationships in the community and supporting local organizations. We also intend to hire forest stewards, arborists, and memorial ceremony team members locally.
How can I place a deposit for my memorial tree?
If you’re interested in becoming an early supporter for this forest and receiving 20% off your memorial tree, you can place a fully refundable $95 deposit here.