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What to expect during your Point Arena visit

Learn about Better Place Forests sustainable Memorial Forest and find your perfect tree

Experience the unique beauty of coastal California when you visit our Point Arena memorial forest. While the area is best known for its redwoods, a tour of the forest will also include pine-scented Douglas firs, lacy Hemlock trees, and sweeping views of the Pacific ocean. Visits to our forests are by appointment only. This approach enables us to provide privacy for families who may be holding memorial ceremonies and one-to-one service for every visit. Schedule your visit today. 

Views from Point Arena Forest Floor

Views from the forest floor

What to expect on your Point Arena forest tour

The drive to Better Place Forests Point Arena is on primarily paved, well-maintained roads. You will enter the property from our driveway, which is gravel. When you enter our address into your navigation app, you will receive straightforward directions. If you approach the forest from the city of Point Arena, you will turn off Route 1 at Riverside Dr. Our property is clearly marked with Better Place Forests signage. 

As you travel down the driveway, you will soon see a parking area to your right. You may park here and descend to the Welcome House from a footpath near the parking area. If you require ADA-accessible parking, you may proceed past the other parking spaces and will find accessible parking close to the Welcome House.

Visitor Center Point Arena

The Point Arena Welcome House

Our team will greet you at the front of the Welcome House. You and your party can use the restroom and take in the views from the porch. Once you are ready to begin your tour, our forest stewards will guide you on a 45–90 minute tour to show you the unique attributes of this property, including the ocean views, towering redwoods, and when in bloom, the abundant rhododendron flowers. We provide walking sticks, and our footpaths are regularly maintained. If you would like, we can provide a mobility quad, also known as a utility task vehicle (UTV). 

You are welcome to take photos and videos throughout your visit. Dogs on a leash are also welcome, so bring the whole family with you. Depending on the time of year, you may find the ground dotted with wild mushrooms, including edible ones like porcini, black chanterelles, and turkey tails. You may even catch a glimpse of forest inhabitants like tree frogs, black-tailed deer, or banana slugs as they travel around their home. Your dedicated forest stewards will learn what’s important to you and guide you to find a memorial tree that brings you comfort in a stunning location where your family and friends will love to visit you in the future. 

We encourage you and your family to visit as often as you like — communing with your memorial tree and getting to know the areas around it can help bring everyone peace. 


Our forests are beautifully landscaped and preserved areas

Our mission is to help people take control of their end-of-life plans and find a final resting spot that brings them comfort and leaves a meaningful legacy for their loved ones. When someone chooses to have their ashes spread at a memorial tree in one of our forests, they can feel good knowing we’re working to conserve natural areas for future generations.

We protect our forests by hiring local arborists and forest experts who maintain the forest’s health. They actively manage the forest so it can return to its old-growth state by continually clearing debris, removing invasive species, and ensuring that every single tree is healthy and has room to grow.

We take great care to ensure that your final resting place is accessible, healthy, and protected. Your legacy is safe with us from the moment you select your memorial tree We also work with local land trusts and conservation organizations for the permanent protection of the forest and your legacy. 

View of the visitor center from the Point Arena forest

Pacific Ocean views from the forest

Tour the Point Arena forest

Ready to find your forever tree? We know that making end-of-life plans is a very personal and emotional experience. Our team of forest stewards, advisors, and arborists is here to make your experience beautiful and stress-free. Schedule your free online forest tour with one of our expert advisors today. 

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