Pumpkins in the Berkshires '

Celebrating the turn of the season in the Berkshires

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The Berkshires region is known for its rolling mountains, pastoral scenery, and fall foliage. It’s no surprise that this region has long been a vacation destination for families on the East Coast. As the leaves begin to turn, families flock to the area for fall treats and activities. At Better Place Forests Berkshires, surrounded by panoramic mountain views, we recently celebrated this seasonal transition. 

The former landowner of our forest, Dwight, and his family would celebrate the turn of the season with a pumpkin roll on the property each year. Their family would line up on top of the hill in front of the property and roll pumpkins — laughing and making memories together. When we became the new stewards of the forest, we knew we had to keep this annual tradition alive. 

This year, we invited Dwight’s family back to their former home, now our Berkshires forest, for the first annual Better Place Forests pumpkin roll.

Guests on a guided walk through Better Place Forests Berkshires

Dwight reflects on coming back to the forest with his family: 

“It was wonderful to see everyone enjoying the forest and taking part in a tradition that my family has loved. The best part of the day was getting to know the other people who have chosen Better Place Forests Berkshires, and for my family and me to see the impact this has had on their lives. We have cherished this land and the memories we created here — it was incredibly touching for me to see the children running in the meadow, laughing and having fun. We want to thank everyone for the best possible hospitality extended to our family. It really made our visit the best it could be. I could spend all day visiting the property & all the folks & guests of Better Place Forests.” 

Families begin the first annual Better Place Forests pumpkin roll 

Dwight and his family have been celebrating this tradition since his grandchildren were born, so to see other families enjoying the forest gave him comfort. And once the pumpkins began rolling down the hill, all of the families began to laugh and make memories like his family once did. 

Rory chasing after the rolling pumpkins 

We want to thank everyone who came and helped us make this first event a success. We look forward to keeping this tradition alive for many generations to come. 

The Better Place Forests team and their pumpkins

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