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23 dinner table topics for the holiday season

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This holiday season many of us will be gathering around the table with our loved ones — thankful to be together, and at the same time, missing those who aren’t there. 

This time of year can serve as a reminder that time is precious. Life leaves few moments for reflection or connection with those closest to us. We grow accustomed to the presence and habits of our loved ones, and we often overlook the opportunity to get to know each other in meaningful ways. We created conversation starters (or journal prompts) to help you get to know yourself and those around you a little better this holiday season. 

When the conversation goes stale or you’re just not sure what to say, use one of these prompts to help your friends and family relive old memories while making new ones.

  1. Where is your favorite place in the world to sit and think?
  2. If you could live forever, would you? Why?
  3. What’s the most amazing thing that’s been invented during your lifetime?
  4. What song do you like to sing when no one’s listening?
  5. If you could ask the universe one question and get an answer, what would you ask?
  6. If you could visit any fictional location, where would you go?
  7. What is your favorite sound?
  8. If you could go back to any decade, which would you choose and why?
  9. If you could come back as an animal, what would you choose?
  10. What was your favorite game to play when you were young?
  11. If some of your ashes could be used to create one thing, what would you choose?
  12. If you could never have to do one chore again, what would you choose?
  13. If a movie were to be made about the people in this room, who would play everyone?
  14. Is there a story about me that always makes you laugh?
  15. What song would you want played at your memorial ceremony?
  16. What’s your favorite thing about where you live now?
  17. If a celebrity could read your eulogy, who would you choose?
  18. Who are two people in your life who never met each other, but you wish they had?
  19. When was the first time you were in love?
  20. What’s something you’re surprisingly knowledgeable about?
  21. What is the best thing you’ve ever made or created?
  22. What activity would you like your loved ones to do to honor you at your memorial? (e.g. play a game, cook, eat, etc.)
  23. Who was your favorite teacher growing up?

Once you open up a dialogue it makes room for bigger conversations — like end-of-life planning. If you’re wondering how to discuss end of life with your loved ones, read these tips to get started

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