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Ponderosa Pine

Noble and charismatic, Ponderosas welcome visitors with a butterscotch aroma.

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About the Ponderosa Pine
  • Fire-resistant species whose very thick, plately orange bark protects it at maturity
  • Its bark grows thicker and more furrowed as it ages
  • Can live to be 400 to 600 years old
  • Has a symbiotic relationship with Abert squirrels: squirrels dig up truffles and spread spores; ponderosa need the fungus spores to make nitrogen and other important nutrients that are unavailable to the roots alone
  • Its bark has an amazing vanilla/butterscotch aroma that permeates the air on warm days
Available packages
  • Keepsake, Legacy, Monument, Landmark
  • Options vary by memorial tree size, spreading rights and reforestation saplings, with prices ranging from $4,900 to $24,900
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