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Black Oak

Known for their striking bark, these trees are sure to leave a lasting impression. In fall they attract wildlife with their delicious acorns.

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About the Black Oak
  • Can grow up to 150 feet tall and 3 - 4 feet in diameter
  • Can live up to 200 years
  • Its acorns and trunk cavities are important habitat components for forest wildlife including squirrels, deer and wild turkey
  • Its large, spreading branches create an open, airy crown of leaves
  • Thick, green, glossy leaves often turn red or orange in the fall
  • They provide critical ecosystem services such as wildlife habitat, water purification and storage of CO2 from our atmosphere in its wood
Available packages
  • Keepsake, Legacy, Monument, Landmark
  • Options vary by memorial tree size, spreading rights and reforestation saplings, with prices ranging from $6,900 to $47,100
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