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Tree location

Tree location

First, choose a section of the forest that speaks to you.

Orchard Meadowview

4 tree species
1 Featured Location
  • See spectacular spring wildflowers and some of the largest, most mature trees here
  • Hear water trickling gently through the rocks as the Sierra snowpack melts
  • Celebrate the wildlife that live here: butterflies, mule deer, jackrabbits and more

Ponderosa Passage

4 tree species
1 Featured Location
  • Easily access this park-like section of flat areas with lush understory
  • Enjoy leisurely walks and picnics among abundant ponderosa pines
  • See soaring hawks – and, in spring and summer, butterflies and blooming Larkspur

Poet's Knoll

6 tree species
  • Easily access the most untouched part of the forest
  • Walk among mixed deciduous and evergreen trees, with pops of purple lupines
  • Witness local wildlife, including a family of deer that lives in the southern edge