Why choose us

Ideal for your family


Get to know your tree with your loved ones

We hear our customers say that this is a meaningful moment for them with their loved ones. Getting to know their tree gives them peace of mind and reassures them in the decisions they are making.


Give them a beautiful place to return to

Each forest is recognized for its beauty, flora, and fauna. We are proudly committed to creating a safe and beautiful place for your family and loved ones to visit for generations.


Give them the healing power of nature

The forest is a place where your loved ones can visit and connect with you on a deeper level, creating a sense of peace and meaning that lives forever.

Sounds Listen to the forest

The best natural option


Make your favorite place your resting place

Many of our customers have a deep love of nature, and traditional cemeteries don’t speak to them. But in a majestic forest, alive with wildlife and the sun filtering through the trees, they feel connected to something larger than themselves.


Choose an enduring place

We offer a unique way to have your ashes planted in a beautiful, enduring place rather than scattered in a temporary way. Your legacy will live on with your chosen tree, and loved ones will have a serene place to visit.


Return to the earth

Ashes are mixed with soil in the right balance to nourish your tree, then placed at its base. Within about 18 months, your ashes will be absorbed into the tree, becoming part of the tree and the thriving forest ecosystem.

Better for the earth


Make a real carbon impact

Long-standing trees, like the ones in our forests, have the most potential to help our planet as older and larger trees store the most carbon. Incredibly, over half the carbon in forests is stored in the largest 1% of trees.


Leave a legacy of protected forests

Your purchase helps conserve forests for generations, including iconic locations like the Mendocino Coast and the Berkshires. Plus, we will plant up to 1,600 reforestation saplings in your honor to help reforest areas that have been impacted by fires and human activity.