How it works

When people make end of life arrangements, they often reserve a burial plot or columbarium space. Reserving a memorial tree from Better Place Forests is similar, but better for you, your family, and the earth.

Choose your tree

Reserve a mature memorial tree in one of our protected forests. At this private resting place, your ashes will be mixed with soil and returned to the earth. You can choose to have loved ones’ and pets’ ashes spread at the same tree.

Preserve a forest

Your tree is just one tree in a forest that provides stunning beauty and wild spaces for you, your family, and generations to come. Your tree will help preserve the natural splendor of your region, including iconic locations like the Mendocino Coast in Northern California and the Berkshires in Massachusetts.

Customize your marker

When ashes are placed at the base of your tree, an engraved memorial marker is anchored among the roots. It has a personalized inscription, which can be changed if the ashes of loved ones or pets are added to the tree.

Personalize your memorial ceremony

Our team will help you shape a personalized memorial ceremony for when ashes are eventually mixed with soil and placed at the base of your tree. We will help you create a ceremony experience that is unique, aligned with your religious practices, and respectful for military veterans.

Up to 1,600 trees planted

As part of your tree purchase, we plant up to 1,600 Impact Trees on your behalf to rebuild forests and promote carbon absorption. These trees are planted in partnership with One Tree Planted, and the number of trees varies by package.

A forest near you

We have 9 forests across the United States, and a new forest coming soon!