My Perfect Ending
A comprehensive planning quiz to help you define your overall end-of-life vision.
The end-of-life plan that’s a gift for those left behind
Making end-of-life decisions for someone else can be confusing and stressful. Those closest to the deceased are often forced to guess at their wishes, burdening them with unnecessary stress during an already emotional and taxing time. Indeed, many people don’t realize all of the questions and logistics that will need to be addressed when they pass away.

Taking a moment to outline your end-of-life wishes now will help remove this burden from your loved ones and ensure that your wishes are honored.
How the quiz works

This quiz asks questions that enable you to make decisions regarding your end-of-life plans, from what you'd like to happen to your body after you pass to how you envision your celebration of life. Cost estimates for certain elements are included to help ground your vision in reality with practical guardrails.

Once you complete the quiz, we’ll send you a PDF report of your answers for you to save and share with those closest to you.

Most importantly, you’ll enjoy the peace of mind of knowing you’re taking responsibility for your own wishes, rather than placing the burden on someone you love.