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Better Place Forests:
America's first memorial forests.

Instead of graves and tombstones, return the ashes of your loved one to earth under a permanently protected, private family tree. Our first memorial forest is a redwood forest overlooking the Pacific Ocean in Mendocino County, CA.

A beautiful way to remember


You choose how many places to reserve for your family. The size of the tree selected will be matched to your family size.


Your family can hold a memorial service, participate in the spreading of the ashes and visit any time afterwards.


Better Place renaturalizes the ashes by rebalancing their pH and mixing them with local soil to ensure they nourish the earth beneath your tree.


The land around the tree is private 
to your family and permanently protected. Better Place Forests landscapes and maintains the 
land forever.

We found Better Place Forests to be the perfect solution for our family. Such a beautiful, peaceful, natural soul-filling forest — a place to reflect and to celebrate memories!

– Margie & Rich F.

Margie rich

Be part of the first sustainable alternative to cemeteries

We protect your privacy and never share your email.