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Last month we were thrilled to announce the opening of Better Place Forests Rock River — and now three unique sections of the forest are available to you and your family! This 60-acre forest features a high diversity of tree species, an expansive view of the Rock River, and is just a 2-hour drive from Chicago, Milwaukee, and Madison. By selecting a tree in the Rock River forest, you’ll contribute to protecting the land and create a meaningful legacy for the planet and the people you love. 

Learn more about the Riverside Bluff, Cathedral Grove, and the Woodland Knoll forest sections below.

Sweeping views of the Rock River from Riverside Bluff

Riverside Bluff

Located on an elevated bluff overlooking the Rock River, Riverside Bluff features views of the river from every tree.This riverfront location provides a peaceful and inviting space for reflection as well as virtually endless natural entertainment. You can spot bald eagles soaring overhead on their migratory path, observe neighboring herons gracefully hunting along the riverbank, and enjoy the wild turkey, deer, and other small woodland animals that roam freely here.

Stately stands of red oak and white oak make up the majority of tree species in Riverside Bluff — alongside shagbark hickory, hackberry, and black walnut — all generously spaced and inviting for family gatherings.

Riverside Bluff is the most accessible and conveniently located section in the forest. For those looking for a scenic section — within reach of the Welcome House and amenities — the Riverside Bluff is for you. 

Grandiose trees tower above the forest floor in Cathedral Grove 

Cathedral Grove 

Located at the far eastern end of the Rock River forest, Cathedral Grove is thick with the scent of old growth trees as rays of sunlight filter through the canopy. Cathedral Grove features some of the largest and oldest trees in the forest — leaving you with the feeling that you’re standing on hallowed ground in a natural cathedral. 

Just as many of the great cathedrals of Europe took more than a hundred years to build, these mature stands of white oak, black cherry, hackberry, and shagbark hickory trees have grown over many decades. Cathedral Grove is a beautiful place for loved ones to gather and reflect, creating even more shared experiences and memories together.

If you’re hoping to reflect in nature, surrounded by towering trees, you’ll immediately feel at home in Cathedral Grove. 

A family walks across the bridge in Woodland Knoll 

Woodland Knoll

In the heart of the forest, located on an elevated knoll above a seasonal stream, you’ll find the Woodland Knoll section. Crossing over the footbridge in Woodland Knoll feels like you’re passing into an untouched area full of hidden secrets and gems — from the distinct earthy aroma, to the rustling sounds of small woodland animals scurrying through the brush, and the whispering breeze through the trees.

This patch of raw wilderness acts as a wildlife corridor between the north and south areas of the forest. Here, you’re likely to see wild turkey, deer, and other small mammals that roam freely through the woods. Woodland Knoll features a diverse swath of trees, mostly hackberry, black walnut, and white oak. The hackberry attracts birds and other small animals who love to feed off the fruits both in the tree and on the forest floor. 

Wild and remote, the Woodland Knoll section will speak to those looking for seclusion and tranquility. 

We can’t wait to welcome you to Better Place Forests Rock River later this year. If you want to see the forest now, you can schedule a free online forest tour today to discover the beauty of the Rock River forest.

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