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Explore the new forest sections in Better Place Forests St. Croix Valley

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After opening our St. Croix Valley forest for online tours in October 2020, we’ve received overwhelming support from the community and our customers –– so much so that we’re announcing a new section of memorial trees! We’re so excited to tell you more about these beautiful new areas of the forest, and we’re proud to offer more memorial options to the community. Sitting on 112 acres of lush greenery and 2,500 feet of lakefront forest, just 45 minutes from Minneapolis-St. Paul — Better Place Forests St. Croix Valley is a stunning place to make your forever home. 

Learn more about the Reflection Point, Glacier Basin, and the Fern Haven forest sections below. 

A lone red maple at the tip of the Reflection Point peninsula

Reflection Point

Where water meets the sky, we find Reflection Point. This stunning section offers pristine views of Fish Lake and embodies the charming lake life that Minnesotans love. Like a bowsprit on a ship, a large lone red maple grows at the tip of the Reflection Point peninsula. This scenic spot is a beautiful place for guests to gather and honor their loved ones while looking out across the lake. 

Tree spacing is generous in the Reflection Point section, giving each memorial tree an added sense of privacy and reverence — as well as ample space for family picnics nearby. Some of the largest, most iconic oak and red maple trees in the forest grow along the shoreline in this inspiring section. Reflection Point is also home to a resident bald eagle, who can often be seen fishing in the lake and soaring across the sky. 

For those looking for the serenity of the water in the afterlife, Reflection Point is the perfect section. We’ve already sold out of over half of the peninsula! If you love the idea of a picturesque lakefront tree, this is the final lakefront section on the peninsula with unparalleled views.

Daylight peaks through the forest canopy in Glacier Basin

Glacier Basin

Centuries ago, Better Place Forests St. Croix Valley was covered in glaciers. Glacial movement etched the land, lakes, and rivers that now define the region — including our unique Glacier Basin section. This intimate forest section is 300 ft across with a gentle sloping basin and trees that grow along the ridge, with peekaboo views of the surrounding lake. 

Inside the basin bowl, there is more open space between trees, providing ample room for the flora to bloom between the towering oaks, and for families to enjoy gatherings. This section of the forest is filled with an abundance of wildflowers, like sweet sicily, native aster, and wild violets. The center of the basin is bathed in sunlight, which supports these beautiful woodland flower blooms in the spring. 

Standing at the bottom of the basin this section is intimate and secluded from other parts of the forest. A perfect final resting place for those looking for peace and quiet. 

Experience the most secluded part of the forest in Fern Haven

Fern Haven

Wander onto the path less traveled and find yourself at home in the heart of the forest. The Fern Haven section is a private and wild place — notably distinct from the rest of the forest and perfect for moments of solitude and contemplation. 

This intimate section is home to old-growth trees, including red oak, paper birch, black cherry, and the rare American elm. Walking amongst these towering trees gives you a sense of time and perspective. Fern Haven borders a nature preserve, which is an important home to local wildlife. 

The Fern Haven section is peaceful, expansive, and undisturbed. For those looking to feel deeply immersed in the forest, the Fern Haven section can be your quiet reprieve. 

Better Place Forests St. Croix Valley is a charming place to return to the earth, where loved ones can visit for generations. If you’re ready to learn more about St. Croix Valley, or any of our other forests around the country, schedule a free online forest tour today. 

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