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Fall in Flagstaff and giving back to our community

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As we approach the holidays, our team has been hard at work thinking of ways to give back to the Flagstaff community to spread some positivity and well wishes. To that end, we’re excited to tell you that we’re now a member of the Greater Flagstaff Chamber of Commerce, and we’ve partnered with the National Forest Foundation in support of their local Arizona projects. Both organizations are dedicated to supporting the local Flagstaff community, as well as projects statewide. 

Not to mention, Fall is here and we can feel it in the air! With it comes beautiful seasonal changes in our forest, and we want to share some recent photos with you. 

Proud to join the Greater Flagstaff Chamber of Commerce

We’re happy to share that we’re officially a member of the Flagstaff Chamber of Commerce! The Chamber of Commerce is an independent, nonprofit organization whose members are local businesses that are invested in developing their business, growing the Flagstaff economy, and strengthening the community. We’re in good company, with businesses like the Arizona Cardinals, Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Arizona, Aspen Veterinary Clinic, NAU and Northern Arizona Healthcare, all dedicated to supporting the local community.

Specifically, we’ve loved working with Ksenia Hartl, who has been a part of the local Flagstaff community for 13 years and is the Membership and Events Executive at the Greater Flagstaff Chamber of Commerce. Ksenia loves the City of Flagstaff because of its warm and welcoming business community, access to world-class landscapes, and wonderful residents.

She says: “The Greater Flagstaff Chamber of Commerce takes pride in being a community problem solver that promotes the Flagstaff community and its economy. We’re happy to welcome Better Place Forests to our network of local businesses looking to help the Flagstaff community thrive. They’re dedicated to building positive and lasting relationships on the ground with other Flagstaff organizations, and we’re excited to officially welcome them to our roster.”

Thank you, Ksenia, we’re proud to be a member and are excited to actively engage with other organizations in the community!

Our forest gives back this holiday season with the National Forest Foundation

We’ve loved seeing the cycle of the seasons, and with Fall comes a stunning change of color. The air gets crisper, and the temperatures start reminding us of the upcoming holiday season –– and ultimately how we can give back to the community and local forestland. 

We’re happy to say we’ve recently partnered with the National Forest Foundation (NFF) –an organization whose mission is to promote the health and public enjoyment of our National Forests, including our Flagstaff forest neighbor: the Coconino National Forest. The NFF connects people to the trees in a variety of ways from tree planting programs to wildlife habitat improvements and youth education. This season, for every person who books a free online tour with our Flagstaff team, Better Place Forests and the NFF will plant 50 trees in your honor to help restore millions of acres of impacted land, including national forestland across Arizona. If you’re interested, book a tour with us here.

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