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Protecting and reforesting forestland is vital to the protection of the planet. Reforestation is the process of planting saplings in an area they were once native to. These efforts over time recover the environment, restore ecosystems, stabilize soils, and support water cycles. And while these efforts would take time to sequester as much carbon as long-standing old-growth forests, they can absorb as much as 30% of C02 in our atmosphere.

We’re partnered with One Tree Planted to support reforestation efforts. One Tree Planted is a nonprofit organization on a mission to plant trees around the world. For every dollar donated, One Tree Planted plants a tree in one of their restoration areas. Individuals and organizations can donate to One Tree Planted, where donations will be pooled and applied toward reforestation projects with diverse objectives such as forest fire recovery, habitat expansion for wildlife, or social impact for local communities. Since its inception in 2014, One Tree Planted has planted 40 million trees around the world. 

When you choose a memorial tree with Better Place Forests you’re supporting their efforts to reforest America. For each tree you reserve, we plant 50-1,600 Impact Trees in your honor in areas that have been impacted by deforestation or forest fires. In 2020, we committed to planting 50,000 Impact Trees. Thanks to the support from people like you we proudly exceeded our goal with over 81,800 Impact Trees planted across the country. In 2021, we planted 342,183 trees with One Tree Planted. Nearly 3x the amount planted in 2020!

Where will my Impact Trees be planted? 

Your Impact Trees will be planted in a restoration project in the United States. As new projects arise, we work with One Tree Planted to make sure your Impact Trees are supporting restoration where it’s needed most. In 2021, we planted trees in California, Idaho, Michigan, Minnesota, New England, Pennsylvania, and Washington. 

What is a restoration project?

A restoration project is an area of forestland that’s viable for reforestation efforts. These areas have experienced major wildfires or damage from industry or resource extraction. One Tree Planted goes into these areas with their planting partners to replant native tree saplings. 

What kind of trees will be planted? 

The type of trees being planted will depend on the native species to that area. One Tree Planted will only plant native tree species that will have the greatest restoration benefit. 

When will my tree be planted? 

The time between your memorial tree purchase and the tree planting will vary depending on the restoration project. Tree planting typically happens during the rainy season, when the soil provides optimum conditions for tree survival.

Thanks to One Tree Planted you’re not only helping protect your memorial tree and forest: you’re helping protect the entire planet. 

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