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How do we price our memorial trees?

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Making end-of-life plans is a significant decision. That’s why we offer a variety of transparently priced options for memorial trees to help you find the one that fits you. A memorial tree offers an alternative to traditional options, and many people find personal meaning in the tree they choose. Our advisors are here to help you find yours — schedule a tour today.

We consider four factors when pricing our memorial tree packages. With each forest that we select, we review all of these factors carefully to determine the price for each memorial tree package. As each tree and forest is unique, these factors are selected to make our pricing as easy as possible to understand, so you can identify the perfect one for you and your loved ones.  

The four factors that influence memorial tree price


The location of the memorial tree and immediate surroundings influence price. This may include variations such as proximity to the welcome house, views from the tree, proximity to water features, geological features and more. 


Each of our forests has a distinct mix of tree species. The species of the tree is a factor for determining price. More rare and popular species typically will have a higher price point as there are fewer of them in the forest. 


Size is another factor that influences price. Size is measured by the diameter of the tree trunk, which is an indication of the tree age. This diameter also determines which product type the tree is — Heritage, Legacy, Monument and Landmark — and may vary by forest. 

Spreading rights

Each memorial package includes the rights to spread ashes at the tree — ranging from the rights for one person to four included in the package. 

You can also customize your package by adding incremental spreadings to your tree package, which has an additional cost of $3,000 per person added or $250 per pet added.  

When you speak to an advisor, they can walk you through the pricing for each forest and memorial tree package. We’re committed to being transparent with our pricing and we’ll tailor your package to your needs, vision, and budget. 

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