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Introducing Lake Arrowhead — our first forest in Southern California!

Learn about Better Place Forests sustainable Memorial Forest and find your perfect tree

We’re proud to announce that we’re opening our first forest in Southern California — Better Place Forests Lake Arrowhead! This 51-acre forest features stunning mountain views, giant pines and oaks, and 30 species of colorful spring wildflowers. The forest is located just 15 minutes from picturesque Lake Arrowhead, one hour west of Big Bear, and 90 minutes from Los Angeles. Nestled in the San Bernardino mountains this forest sits atop the scenic Rim of the World Highway and features views of the San Gabriel Mountains that most people only see from a highway pullout. 

We’re honored to conserve this famous section of California forestland and offer Southern California families a more meaningful final resting place. Book a tour with one of our advisors to find your tree today. 

Experience the sights and sounds of Better Place Forests Lake Arrowhead

The Lake Arrowhead region has a long history of being a weekend getaway — since the early 1900s, Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Diego residents have been escaping the hustle and bustle of the city to enjoy the rustic mountain charm of the San Bernardino Mountains. Once part of the major timber production of the area, our forest was protected in the early 1900s by the Arrowhead Mountain Club, a group dedicated to protecting forestland in the area. From wildflower hikes to outdoor education, there’s a rich history of Southern Californians enjoying the wonders of nature on this land.

The 51-acre forest features towering mixed conifer trees, including Ponderosa pines, Sugar pines, Incense cedars, White firs, black oaks, and interior live oaks. Better Place Forests Lake Arrowhead borders the San Bernardino National Forest, creating a contiguous habitat for native species like the San Bernardino Flying Squirrel and the California Spotted Owl. 

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The Lake Arrowhead community and local organizations have graciously welcomed us to the area. 

“I am happy Better Place Forests is joining our community. There is so much ecological and historical value to this beautiful forest. The older growth conifer trees on the property deserve everlasting honor, just as those who will be memorialized into eternity here.” – Community member, Steve S.

To protect the forest in perpetuity we’ve partnered with the Tree People Land Trust. 

“As committed land stewards in Southern California for over 35 years, we believe it’s more important than ever to work with willing private landowners to preserve land and ensure our lands are protected for future generations. To that end, it is critical for land trusts throughout the region to support new and innovative ways to preserve land. Through our conversations over the past several months with the team at Better Place Forests, we see their organization as an innovative approach to conserving forests. After their purchase of the property, Better Place Forests intends to donate the development rights to Tree People Land Trust, ensuring the property is never developed.” – Tree People Land Trust

We’ve also received mentions from NBC Los Angeles, KVCR News, and Pasadena Weekly. In the coming months, we’ll hire local forest stewards and arborists in preparation for in-person tours beginning in the spring of 2022, and memorial ceremonies that will begin later that summer.

Views of the surrounding mountains from Better Place Forests Lake Arrowhead

Better Place Forests Lake Arrowhead is filled with stately trees and a wide variety of wildflowers. Unlike some forests where views of the sky are minimal, the trees in this forest have natural breaks in the canopy that allows sunlight and sky views to peek through. 

Beginning today, you can reserve a private memorial tree in Lake Arrowhead. Book a free online forest tour to find your forever tree in one of the forests unique sections: 

  • Western Skyway: In the heart of the forest the sun streams down through the branches creating a forest spotlight on this natural stage. A large clearing in the trees creates a center stage, with an audience of mature oaks and pines spread evenly throughout the section. 
  • Evergreen Gables: Warm and inviting, this section whisks you away from your worries and invites you into the forest’s embrace. Close to the entrance of the forest, Evergreen Gables makes nature approachable for everyone. The trees in this section grow along a gentle slope, reminiscent of a roofline. 

Guests relax on a ridge in Better Place Forests Lake Arrowhead

Making end-of-life plans allows you to live more fully and ease the burden on your loved ones when you pass away. While traditionally there were very few options, now your final resting place can benefit the planet and the people you love.

We’re excited for you to see the beauty of Better Place Forests Lake Arrowhead. Book your free online forest tour today to learn more about our newest memorial forest. 

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