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Better Place Forests wins awards for Happiest Employees, Best Perks and Benefits

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Better Place Forests creates and maintains conservation memorial forests for people who choose cremation and don’t want their ashes to end up in a traditional cemetery.

Better Place Forests team here checking in, and hoping you’ve been having a peaceful start to Fall. We have an exciting update! We’ve recently received recognition for a few incredible awards and want to share with you because, well, we wouldn’t be here without our team’s and community’s support! Just this week, we were recognized by Comparably Workplace Insider for Happiest Employees, Best Compensation, Best Perks and Benefits, and Best Work-Life Balance. Plus, earlier this summer, we were so proud to have gotten recognized for Comparably’s Best CEOs for Women and Best Leadership Teams! Wow. We truly appreciate all of the recognition, Comparably, thank you! 

We know at the end of the day, it’s not just about the awards, it’s about living up to our vision and mission of inspiring everyone to leave a legacy for the planet and the people they love. And we know that living up to our mission truly begins with building a strong mission-driven and meaning-driven culture here at Better Place Forests. Our employees at Better Place Forests are the foundation of our growing company, and we make it a priority to take care of each other. By taking care of each other, we can then extend our grace, warmth, and empathy out to our customers. It really is about the human connection and how we can work together to make this world a better place, in any small and big way we can. 

In short, we think work should be truly meaningful. If this sounds like it aligns with what you’re looking for, we have some great news: we’re hiring! We’re at an exciting stage in our growth (did you hear we opened our fourth and newest forest near the Twin Cities?) and are looking for people interested in joining our mission.

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