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We’ve been so grateful to see wide community support as we expand to new regions around the country. It seemed like yesterday when, just last November, we announced our first forest in the Northeast. Now, we come to you with even more exciting news! We’re so thrilled to announce our second conservation memorial forest in the region and our sixth forest overall –– Better Place Forests Berkshires, a stunning forest in the Northern Berkshires. Located just 15 minutes from North Adams, 30 minutes from Williamstown and an easy day trip from New York City and Boston, our 200-acre forestland in Berkshire County features expansive views extending from the nearby Berkshires all the way to the Green Mountains in Vermont.

Better Place Forests Berkshires is recognized for its pastoral charm and features sweeping meadows with views of the Deerfield River Valley and Hoosac Mountains. This location embodies classic New England beauty, reflective of a thriving art, music, and outdoors community where many share a love for cultural experiences and nature. We couldn’t be more excited to help preserve this stunning slice of the Berkshires and offer families a peaceful sanctuary to reflect and remember their loved ones. 

Description: Unforgettable views of Better Place Forests Berkshires approaching fall. Better Place Forests Berkshires features gentle rolling hills and stunning vistas.

The forestland is home to a variety of wildlife habitats, and is stunning all-year round. It is especially alluring in autumn –– with views of impressive fall foliage in all directions. Families and loved ones may choose from a healthy variety of tree species including the red maple, sugar maple, red spruce, eastern hemlock, and yellow birch. There are even syrup-producing maples over 200 years old! 

We’ve chosen this specific location near Williamstown and North Adams for our sixth memorial forest not only for its accessibility, but also for its biodiversity and awe-inspiring beauty –– all of which we’re working to protect for generations to come. By protecting this property as open space, we’re creating an important wildlife corridor from the Deerfield River to the heart of the Mohawk State Forest. We’re honored to offer a natural and sustainable way to commemorate one’s legacy to communities in this region.

We’ve enjoyed getting to know former property owners, Dwight and Renate Brown, long-time locals who raised their family here and have cared for the property for over 30 years. They’ve shared so many fond memories with us, like taking their family to roll pumpkins down the land’s gentle rolling hills. It’s no wonder they and their loved ones share a deep appreciation for nature and the desire to see this property protected and maintained. 

Dwight says: “It was difficult to leave this property and we were concerned about it being bought by a developer. When we first heard that Better Place Forests was interested in purchasing it, we were taken aback with happiness. We feel so grateful to know that Better Place Forests will continue to protect and care for the land, support the community, and help others foster an appreciation of nature. I have spent many days walking in the forest. When you listen to the birds, the wind, the rustling of leaves, and snow falling… it’s a monumental, picturesque experience. You get a feeling that you’re a part of something bigger, which is a reason why I think this will resonate for many people.”

Description: Better Place Forests Berkshires features a variety of tree species including the red maple, sugar maple, red spruce, eastern hemlock, and yellow birch.

Sandy Gibson, Co-founder and CEO of Better Place Forests, was inspired by the forest’s astonishing beauty: “What I find unique about the Northern Berkshires region is not only its rich history of art and culture, but also the magnificent open spaces that local community members and visitors alike have come to enjoy. That’s why we want to give families and their loved ones the gift of helping to protect the land as part of their lasting legacy.”

We are thankful that Better Place Forests Berkshires has received widespread community support already. 

Kate Buttolph, Land Protection Specialist at Massachusetts Audubon, comments: “We are excited about Better Place Forests’ new project in the Berkshires. The property has significant conservation value and will be protecting a critical natural landscape that provides habitat and corridors for wildlife movement in the region.”

Tom Brule, a local neighbor, says: “In Drury, many in our community value independence and solitude. I think Better Place Forests’ approach to end-of-life will resonate with the nature of our community, as we enjoy the calm and peace that our forests bring. I’m encouraged to see their commitment to conservation by bringing a unique way to conserve our land.”

Better Place Forests Berkshires is planning to open for online tours in March and in-person forest tours later this year. In the meantime, we’re welcoming people to become early supporters with a fully-refundable $95 deposit. As an early supporter, you are recognized and appreciated for being one of the first to be part of the Better Place Forests Berkshires community. Early community members will save 20% on our most popular trees, have their first pick of trees, get invitations to exclusive events, and will have their name commemorated in the forest. 

Sign up here to learn more about how to become an early supporter, get exclusive updates, and be the first to know when our Berkshires forest is open for tours.

Description: One of the many families that love the Berkshires for its natural beauty

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