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The wait is finally over. We’re thrilled to announce that beginning today, you can reserve your memorial tree in our newest forest — Better Place Forests Berkshires. This beautiful 200-acre forest in Berkshire County is located just east of historic Williamstown, a scenic 30-minute drive away on the Mohawk Trail. Better Place Forests Berkshires is an easy day trip from New York City and Boston.

This stunning ridgetop property features impressive views extending from the nearby Berkshires all the way north to the Green Mountains in Vermont. Sweeping meadows at the base of the ridge celebrate the Berkshires’ quintessential pastoral charm and offer views of impressive fall foliage in all directions. Choose your memorial tree from a variety of tree species including red maple, sugar maple, eastern hemlock, and black birch. We’re proud to preserve this property, which protects an important wildlife corridor that connects preserved land along the Deerfield River and the Mohawk State Forest.

We couldn’t be more excited to help preserve this impressive slice of the Berkshires and offer families a peaceful sanctuary to reflect and remember their loved ones.

Experience the beauty of Better Place Forests Berkshires

Some say that Better Place Forests Berkshires is the best view in Massachusetts. Indeed, the ridgetop location offers grand views of the Green Mountains and the Berkshires in all directions. We’re lucky to have received support from the local community and former landowners, Dwight and Renate Brown. The two are longtime locals, having raised their family on the property and cared for the forest for 30 years. 

“We feel so grateful to know that Better Place Forests will continue to protect and care for the land, support the community, and help others foster an appreciation of nature. You get a feeling that you’re a part of something bigger, which is a reason why I think this will resonate for many people.” – Dwight Brown, former property owner and longtime Berkshire County resident

We’re proud to become a part of the local Drury community. Better Place Forests Berkshires will be staffed by local forest stewards and arborists, who will conduct memorial ceremonies and maintain the health of the forest. We’re currently preparing for in-person tours which will begin in June 2021, and memorial ceremonies will follow in the summer of 2022. We’re grateful for the warm welcome we’ve received from the community, with kind mentions from CBS Boston, NBC Albany, and the Berkshire Eagle.

Views of Aviator Meadow in Better Place Forests Berkshires

The Berkshires is home to a diverse variety of tree species including red maple, sugar maple, black birch, and eastern hemlock. Our forest was once used for small-batch maple syrup production, and the old sugar shack remains on the property. Eastern hemlock are a threatened species — though, fortunately, Better Place Forests Berkshires has many healthy hemlocks on the property. Beginning today, you can select your own red maple or eastern hemlock memorial tree by booking an online forest tour with one of our advisors. We’re offering memorial trees in three distinct sections: 

  • Maple Meadowview: Bordering the edge of Aviator Meadow, an expansive pastoral meadow perfect for family picnics. This area is home to the largest, rarest sugar maples on the property. 
  • Blueberry Ridge: Full of hidden gems, this highpoint features filtered views of the meadow below, mountain laurel blooms, and delicious seasonal wild blueberries.
  • Wintergreen Wilds: A hike down a wooded path reveals an immersive wilderness experience with a diverse swath of trees. Songbirds are at home among the hemlocks and black birch.

A family walking through the bracken fern that line the forest floor of Better Place Forests Berkshires

Early supporters of Better Place Forests Berkshires will receive special perks and discounts, including the first pick of memorial trees and up to 20% savings (over $1,000 on our most popular packages.) As a thank you to our first customers, we’ll inscribe their names in the forest to commemorate their early support. 

We can’t wait for you to experience Better Place Forests Berkshires. Book your free online forest tour to begin creating a legacy that’s good for the planet and the people you love. 

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