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This week, one of our wonderful customers, Spencer, got a chance to sit down with iHeartMedia’s Carolyn McArdle to share why he chose Better Place Forests to honor his wife. Carolyn, a fellow nature lover, loves the idea of her ashes being spread at the base of a tree where her family can come visit for years to come.  

We wanted to share some of their conversation below. You can also check out the full interview on 98.1 The Breeze

Carolyn: The way you described why you elected to work with Better Place Forests is very in line with how I feel about nature, a lot like your wife Sheila’s love for nature. Tell us why you elected to have Sheila’s resting place with Better Place Forests. 

Spencer: It struck a chord with me. They’ve got a top-of-the-line staff that couldn’t be any nicer or better at what they do. When this happens to a family, you’re not always thinking straight. They were expertly guiding us very gently through what we needed to do. We couldn’t be any happier. I’m a lifelong airline person; I know customer service and what it should be, and they have nailed it. 

In this case, it’s not just what family members get out of it but it’s a chain that gives on giving. They protect the forest, and the forest protects the Earth, the Earth protects us. It’s full circle. 

I’ve always called it the ultimate pay-it-forward. We’ve always looked at traditional services as being almost too final. This way, with the ashes and our tree, [it’s really] a continuation of life.

I know you have a bit of a connection with the tree you chose to honor your wife Sheila.

The tree number was 3170 and our wedding anniversary is March 17th, so the tree picked us! The tree said I’m here, take me!

Aw, that’s when you know! When you go to the tree, and you go to spend time with Sheila at her tree, what is that experience like?

Freedom – because you’re out in nature and you can let your mind unwind. It’s a great life we have, and if you believe that there is more to come like I do, she’s paving the way for me eventually. When you’re at the forest, you can let your mind unwind.

You look at it like a new beginning.

We looked at it like a new beginning for Sheila. She was free and starting over, and we looked at it [as a] very positive thing for her.

Hear Spencer and Sheila’s full story here.

Check out the full interview here

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