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Reunite in the forest: Our multiple ash spreading policy

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Families have long chosen family burial plots to remain connected in the afterlife, but with each additional family member, the price of a family burial plot rises exponentially. For many of those looking for an option for the whole family, traditional burial has become too expensive. Better Place Forests offers an affordable alternative. One where family members can spend eternity together in a private and protected forest with your ashes spread at the base of a memorial tree. Our memorial trees give you the option to create your own family tree — where generations of your family can return to the earth and find peace amongst their loved ones. 

Choosing a memorial tree is symbolic for many reasons: it serves as a place to reflect on cherished memories and it will someday become the place where your loved ones will gather in your honor. There’s also the comfort that comes with knowing that your legacy will live on, without placing burden on your mourning family members, in a permanently protected forest.

A memorial tree becomes even more special when it’s the final resting place for your entire family. At Better Place Forests, we allow you to add additional ash spreading rights to your memorial tree at any time. We invite you to spread the ashes of multiple loved ones (including pets) at your tree, allowing your family to reunite in the forest — a beautiful setting you can visit at any time.

Read on to learn more about our multiple ashes spreading policy and what it means for your memorial tree. 

A more affordable option for your family legacy

While a traditional burial can provide a sense of closure and a permanent memorial for your family to visit; the burial, plot, and headstone costs between $10,000 – $35,000 — and that’s for just one person. Cemetery prices are known to escalate quickly with add-ons and hidden fees.

Depending on where you’ve chosen to be buried, plots can vary widely in price, especially in major urban areas or coveted locations — where they can cost up to $25,000 for a single space. With family plots and private estates, you can expect to pay extra fees per person for interment rights, burial vault or grave liners, maintenance, and headstone installation. It can be overwhelming, and expensive, to think about. 

Your final resting place shouldn’t be compromised because of price. When you purchase a tree with Better Place Forests, multiple ash spreading rights can be included. Our pricing is based on a few factors — such as forest location, tree size and type, and number of initial ash spreading rights. Once your memorial tree is chosen, you can leave the preservation, upkeep, and forest protection to us — there are no hidden maintenance fees you need to worry about. 

Additionally, traditional burial is time-sensitive (especially with an open-casket viewing), which puts pressure on you or a loved one to make a lot of quick decisions. Choosing cremation, and then a memorial forest, gives your family time to make travel arrangements for your memorial, without breaking the bank.

Choosing a memorial tree with us offers flexibility, affordability, and support through a range of packages tailored to you — at less than half the cost of a traditional burial. Our advisors and customer care team are here to help you choose a package that fits your budget — taking the financial stressors often associated with traditional burial out of the equation. 

A memorial tree that can grow with your family through the generations

Most of our memorial tree packages include rights to two ash spreading ceremonies. However, all of our memorial tree packages come with the ability to add additional spreading rights for $3,000 per person at any time. Our multiple ashes spreading policy allows you to save thousands of dollars, but more importantly, your memorial tree can grow with your family through the generations: a place of natural beauty, exclusively yours, where memories can be celebrated and lives remembered that will be there forever. 

“I have ashes that I will soon be ready to put under our tree and I hope others in my family will take advantage of this location and do the same. I love the idea that eventually we will all become one with the earth and the forest… I can’t think of a ‘better place’ than this for a final resting place!” – Yesenia L., Better Place Forests Point Arena customer 

Spending eternity with your family at a memorial tree serves as a lasting connection to memories made and joy inspired by time spent in nature. Within a thriving forest, you and your family are reuniting with each other but also with the earth itself — a truly remarkable legacy that will be protected for generations. 

Pets are part of your family tree, too

Many of our customers wonder what to do with their pet ashes. We know that your pets are loyal companions, best friends, and family members, which is why we offer pet spreading ceremonies as well. Pet spreading ceremonies are included in our offerings to allow you to best celebrate and remember the life of your pet. Spreading pet ashes during a shared ceremony is $250.

Our team prioritizes your needs, vision, budget, and above all, your peace of mind. You can count on us for full transparency and clear communication about upfront costs. 

Rest assured knowing you can add additional spreading rights to your existing tree at any time, and update your memorial marker with each ceremony as desired. Additionally, for every Better Place Forests tree that is purchased, we plant Impact Trees in partnership with the non-profit One Tree Planted to help reforest America — helping the planet while preserving your family’s legacy. 

Our advisors are here to help put together a comprehensive memorial plan for you and your family. Book a free online forest tour today to learn more. 

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