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A tree in memory of a loved one

Choose a memorial tree to scatter ashes. Your loved ones will always be part of a forest.

Better Place Forests creates and maintains conservation memorial forests for people who choose cremation and don’t want their ashes to end up in a traditional cemetery.

Plant a Tree in Memory: A Living Tribute to Your Loved Ones

Losing a loved one is an experience that strikes at the core of our being, leaving an unfillable void. The pain is especially palpable when you have to move on with your life without them. 

As you walk through the rooms of the house, that once echoed with laughter, witnessed your shared joys and quarrels, and held the warmth of your togetherness — all that’s left now are memories.

If you are looking for a heartening way to honor the memory of lost loved ones, one way is to plant a tree in their memory. A living, vibrant tree mirroring their cherished life, serving as a living tribute to them — a memorial through which the legacy they left behind continues to live. 

Also, there’s an inherent healing power within nature. Keeping yourself close to nature when dealing with grief improves physical and mental well-being. 

What is Memorial Tree Planting?

Memorial tree planting can mean different things. It could mean planting a tree sapling in memory of a loved one in a place close to their heart. A memorial tree could also mean a tree in a memorial forest that serves as the resting place for the cremated ashes of a family’s lost loved one. 

Memorial forests, like Better Place Forests offer a serene space for grieving families and friends. Here, they can spread the ashes of their loved one in the soil of a tree of their choosing. Through memorial tree planting, the ashes return to the Earth, completing life’s cycle. This practice also encourages the conservation efforts made to preserve these forest areas and could be a meaningful way to honor life and give back to the planet.

Symbolism involved with trees

Throughout history, trees and forests have been known to protect and provide us with tangibles such as food, shelter, wood, and intangibles such as peace. Forests and trees have deep-rooted symbolic meanings for many cultures around the world. 

In some cultures, different species of trees are attached with different spiritual meanings and are often worshiped. For some, forests and trees could even symbolize a revolution their ancestors fought for. 

The deceased’s family can, therefore, choose a tree from the numerous species in a memorial forest based on the beliefs of their loved ones.

Consider planting a tree over other memorial options

When considering ways to memorialize a loved one, traditional choices like headstones or markers have long been prevalent. However, more eco-conscious alternatives, such as memorial forests, are becoming popular in today’s era. Here’s why planting a tree stands out as a meaningful tribute:

Environmental Aspect:

  • Preservation of Forest Lands: Memorial tree planting contributes to preserving dwindling forests and fostering a sustainable environment.
  • Carbon Footprint Reduction: Trees absorb carbon dioxide, mitigating environmental impact and aiding climate balance.
  • Biodiversity Enhancement: Tree planting fosters habitats for diverse species, strengthening ecosystems and promoting nature’s harmony. 

Emotional Aspect:

  • Living Memorials: Trees thrive as enduring symbols, embodying cherished memories and connecting generations just like the life your loved one has lived. 
  • Healing Through Nature: Memorial forests provide serene spaces for solace to the bereaved, encouraging emotional healing amid nature’s embrace.
  • Giving Back: It’s a personal contribution to Earth’s health, a way of expressing gratitude for the life we enjoy.

Choosing the Right Memorial Tree: Factors to Consider

Choosing the right memorial tree is more than just a random choice; it’s a thoughtful decision that involves several key factors:

  • Longevity: The lifespan of your chosen tree species is crucial. Trees like oaks can live for hundreds of years, providing a long-lasting memorial. On the other hand, some species may have a much shorter lifespan. It’s wise to opt for a tree that will stand the test of time, offering a lasting tribute to your loved one.
  • Location Preferences: We offer various forests, from Berkshires in Massachusetts to Yosemite Gateway in California. Reflect on the favorite places of the departed when selecting the forest location, ensuring the memorial is both personal and heartfelt.
  • Personal Connections: Better Place Forests allows for personalization. You can reserve a tree just for yourself, for you and your spouse, or even for your entire family. Additionally, the option to include pets ensures that the memorial tree holds deep personal significance, turning it into a living monument filled with cherished memories.
  • Climatic Suitability: It’s also important to consider the local climate where you’ll plant the tree. Make sure the species you choose is suited for the environment so it can thrive and grow, just like the memories you wish to honor.
  • Maintenance Requirements: Better Place Forests takes the responsibility of maintaining the forest, ensuring that each tree remains healthy and robust. The forest is landscaped, and pathways, benches, and other amenities enhance the visitor experience. This commitment to maintenance ensures that the living tribute remains beautiful and accessible for generations.

Considering these factors will not only help you make an informed decision but also add a layer of significance to your tribute, making it a truly touching and enduring memorial.

As you embark on this journey of remembrance, remember that options exist tailored to your needs. Modern memorialization methods, where you are encouraged to plant a tree in memory or go for memorial forests, are recommended. But, it is up to the grieving to take a call and find the best option to help them find solace. 

If you wish to proceed with the living memorial tree planting option, all the above-shared insights shall help you. And, if you wish to simply spread the ashes of your loved one around an already grown and cared-for memorial tree, feel free to reach out to Better Place Forests.


What do you say when planting a tree in memory?

You can write a heartfelt letter expressing your grief or remembering your moments with the deceased. One can also recite religious rituals as per their faith. Try to find solace in personalized gestures.

What do you do at a tree dedication ceremony?

Gather to honor and reflect on the departed. Plant a living memorial, a growing tree, embodying the deceased’s legacy—uniting friends and family in remembrance.

What do you write in a tree dedication card?

Express the deceased’s influence on your life, what their existence meant to you, and the cherished memories. Acknowledge the void their absence creates while celebrating the life they lived.

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