End-of-life planning made easy (and free!)

Meet Better Place Wishes, an easy, free way to create and share your end-of-life plan
How do we make planning better?

All in one place

When we’re dying, we want things to be easy as possible for our loved ones. Think of Better Place Wishes as a one-stop place where your loved ones can access invaluable information. From who to contact in an emergency to what you want to happen to your body, everything they need is in the app. You can share pieces as you go, as well as the entire plan when it’s ready.

With your wishes in one place, you can update details instantly if anything changes––and your loved ones will have the latest version.

How it works

First, answer a few simple questions

Our tool will guide you and your answers will build your plan.

Next, share your wishes

Give your plan to loved ones with the click of a button.

Then, update as needed

When life changes, you can update your plan in seconds.

Made to be shared

Having a plan is great, but real talk: it only works if your people know about it. Better Place Wishes makes sharing easy, so your loved ones will know what to do in an emergency.

Your plan is an act of love that will support them when they need it most.

Better Place Wishes addresses what my sister asked me for - a plan for my wishes that she can follow in the event it's needed by my family. I'm so glad to have this resource!

Love is having a plan.

With Better Place Wishes, making one has never been easier.