Spread Ashes in a Protected Forest

Choose a sustainable and affordable alternative to cemeteries.

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What is a Forest Spreading Garden?

Instead of a cemetery, a Forest Spreading Garden is a dedicated area of a protected Memorial Forest where you can return your ashes to the earth. As part of the Forest Spreading offering, your name will be engraved in a forest tribute which honors each person laid to rest in the forest.

Every Forest Spreading Garden Includes

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Everything you need to spread ashes in the forest in an eco-conscious way

Support from our team to ensure all legal paperwork is filed

Ongoing rights to visit the forest for you and your loved ones

Your Forest Spreading helps preserve and protect a beautiful forest that your family can visit for generations to come.

Better Place Forests vs. traditional cemeteries

Creating your perfect memorial can be beautiful and affordable. Our Forest Spreading Garden is less than half the cost of traditional cemeteries.
Headstones in a Traditional Cemetery



Couple and their dog standing at Memorial Tree with Guide



Over 6,000 families served across 9 forests

David L_Testimonial cards

The day of the ash spreading ceremony will live inside me as a cherished memory. I have a sacred forest to return to, which represents one of mom’s greatest desires.

David L.
Point Arena Memorial Forest

Lea_G_Slider card

What I like about Better Place Forests is that since the placing of my family’s ashes, I know of people who have gone to visit a living, vibrant forest.

Lea G.
Point Arena Memorial Forest

Susan K_Testimonial card

There’s something very magical about picking out your tree and knowing that you’ll become a part of that ecosystem. In a way, you’ll live on in the future.

Susan K.
Litchfield Hills Memorial Forest

Julie S_Testimonial Card

I had been looking for the right place for my husband’s ashes for 5 years when I learned about Better Place Forests.

Julie S.
Rock River Memorial Forest

By choosing a Forest Spreading, ashes help protect the forest ecosystem.

How it works

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Plan Ahead

Our team works with you to ensure legal paperwork is filed and there’s a plan to spread ashes in the forest.

Come to the Forest

When your loved ones come to the forest, our Guide team will take you to the dedicated Forest Spreading Garden.

Integrate Ashes & Soil 

Ashes are integrated with native forest soil and placed in a “nest” on the forest floor, joining the ecosystem.

Cycle of Life

Wildflower seeds are provided as a symbol of new life and a next chapter. Share memories and take in the forest.

Commonly asked questions

Where are the forests located?

We have 9 forest locations across the US: 

Northeast: Connecticut and Massachusetts
Midwest: Minnesota and Illinois 
Southwest: Flagstaff, Arizona
West Coast: San Bernardino Mountains, Santa Cruz Mountains, Mendocino Coast, and near Yosemite National Park



How much does it cost to spread ashes in a Forest Spreading Garden?

The all-inclusive cost to spread ashes in our protected Forest Spreading Garden is $2,000. 

How are the Forests Protected?

Better Place Forests purchases properties that are active wildlife habitats and may face a threat of development.

Once we have purchased a property, we develop forest management plans and obtain local permits that provide for the preservation, protection, or enhancement of that conservation value. Then, we grant each customer an irrevocable license to access the forest, and we record those licenses with local governments.

Finally, we establish Stewardship Trusts to fund the perpetual maintenance of our forests, and we seek conservation easements to permanently protect the land from development. This is a years-long, multi-step approach for each of our forests.

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