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Helping people write a better ending to their story

Meet the team behind America’s first memorial forests. We believe sustainable memorials can help people and the planet.
Founding Team Scaled

Why we do it

Co-founder Sandy Gibson’s parents died when he was young. When he was 10 his father died of a stroke, and at 11 his mother died of Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. He spent his youth regularly visiting an urban cemetery. In his own words:

“My mother wanted to be with her family forever.  She picked the last family plot available in a nearby cemetery,  despite it being beside a busy street where the noise of traffic and sirens from the nearby fire station filled the air.  After years of visiting her grave, I realized the image of her tombstone was the first thing that came to me.”

My happiest memories with my parents took place in nature. I knew there had to be a better way to remember and connect with the people we love.

We want to remember the people we love surrounded by nature and life, knowing that they helped create and protect a beautiful part of our Earth. We want to help families write a better ending to their story.


Where do you put ashes?

60% of Americans are choosing cremation instead of burial, and that number is rising. They want a smaller environmental footprint, as well as a memorial that reflects their values. Many families are looking for a place with a marker, where they can visit and remember.
Better Place Forest

Our solution

A better place to return to the earth

A positive environmental impact

By choosing a memorial tree, you help protect the forest for future generations to visit and enjoy. We’ll also plant additional saplings in your honor.

A beautiful place to remember

Your friends and family will have a beautiful, peaceful place to return your ashes to the earth, and to visit when they want to connect with your memory.

Better Place Forest

A permanent memorial marker

Similar to survey monuments used by the US Geological Survey to mark key geographical locations, your memorial marker indicates an important location.

A new way to connect with nature

A Forest Memorial can be a new beginning for families: a way to connect with nature and the ones we love.

Replanting America’s Forests with One Tree Planted

We’re committed to reforestation beyond our forest properties. In partnership with the nonprofit One Tree Planted, we plant 25-400 new saplings for each Memorial Tree chosen. We’ve donated over 200,000 trees to support reforestation and planting projects across the country.

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